You are not going in circles

You are making progress in a spiral. You do come back around to where you were at the start, since recovery and healing take time, but every time you come back around to that point you’re a little higher up because you’ve got more experience, more knowledge, and more strength.

You ARE making progress

I really needed to read this!!

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Leonid Afremov is a passionate painter from Mexico who paints with palette knife with oil on canvas. He loves to express the beauty, harmony and spirit of this world in his paintings, which are rich in different moods, colors and emotions.

these literally just changed my mood

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I can’t stop laughing, send help

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being romantically frustrated is 1000000 worse than being sexually frustrated because you can get yourself off but you can’t spoon with yourself and kiss your own forehead

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Night Vale must have some pretty interesting treatment of queer/nonbinary people

cuz like

I can’t imagine anyone making a big deal of someone’s gender identity/presentation when their neighbor has the head of a falcon every other Tuesday

and who cares if you’re dating someone of the same sex, Susie Carmichael down the road dated a man who turned out to be an ambiguously sentient bag of oranges the whole time

they’re very happy together

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Art by Heather Theurer

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Genderbent Howl's Moving Castle by Sakimi Chan


Genderbent Howl's Moving Castle by Sakimi Chan

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to recap:

  1. ana & elsa are rapunzel’s cousins
  2. it was to rapunzel & flynn’s wedding that ana & elsa’s parents were on their way to when they shipwrecked
  3. it was their shipwreck that ariel sees in the beginning of the little mermaid
  4. but they didn’t die, they washed up on an island and gave birth to tarzan, and were later killed by a cheetah

did i miss anything

shut the fuck up

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PAOLO SEBASTIAN Autumn/Winter Bridal Collection 2014

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"i had spent about three months with this cheetah mum and her cubs. it is hard to describe the love and affection of a cheetah mother and her young. the daily challenges to bring her offspring to adulthood is amazing." — ken dyball in kenya’s masai mara

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“I want you.
Right now.
Your lips on mine.
Your hands around my waist.
My lips on your neck.
My hands running through your hair.
Heavy breaths.
Deep stares.
I want you.
Right now.
In my bed.
Right next to me.
Holding me tight.
Talking about anything.
Gentle kisses in between thoughts.
Our tired eyes holding contact.
Slowly falling asleep.”
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Snuggling cockatiels (source)

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